Savory Steak Trifle

As I woke up on this dreary Memorial Day, my thoughts turned to two things – the first being my fiance, an Army Sgt serving in Canada, and wishing I was in Northern Jersey.  Since Canada has Victoria Day, rather than Memorial Day – which takes place the week before the American Memorial Day – I sent him a good morning text and decided to start my day.

For almost as many Memorial Days as I can remember, I have been spending three day long weekends with a ground of people who I’ll refer to as The Band.  These are a group of friends of the family who have long since crossed into chosen family and in some ways are even closer than family.  This Memorial Day, however, I would not be spending the holiday with them.  And it made me sad.

The Band always always grilled on Memorial Day.  Steak, burger, hot dogs, chicken, fish, veggies- you name it, it was grilled.  And it was the best grilled food that I’ve had in my life!  Waking up with the prospect of spending a dreary Memorial Day without The Band meant that a tribute was in order.

I was going to grill.

Of course that I don’t have a grill could have been a problem.  However, I do have the Pampered Chef Grill Pan.  For those of you who do not have the space for a grill, or don’t have the Pampered Chef Indoor/Outdoor Grill (which I do not have either), the grill pan is amazing!  First of all it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! It’s easy to wash and NONSTICK!  Better than a grill in my eyes.  So, I saved my pennies and purchased it.

I had been looking forward for a reason to use the pan, and this was it!

Pulling my London Broil (which had been picked up on sale buy one; get one) out of the fridge, I released that it was WAY too big for me to eat.  So I used the Silicone Coated Utility Knife  to cut the steak in half THICKNESS-WISE.  This brought it to about an inch thick.

Then I coated the steak with Auntie Arwen’s Royal Steak Rub.  For those of you unfamiliar with this rub, here are the ingredients:

Dark brown sugar, paprika, yellow mustard seed, garlic, onion, oregano, thyme, savory, black pepper, cumin
I let the steak hang out for a little bit, while I put the Grill Pan on medium heat and waited five minutes.  This step is suggested by the Pampered Chef Use & Care instructions for the product – and I wholly suggest it.  No oil.  Just a hot pan and a defrosted steak.
While the steak hung out and the pan heated up, I set the water for the yellow rice on to boil and plunked in two tablespoons of butter.  Once that butter melted, I put in the rice, covered the pot, and set the timer to 22 minutes.
Finally, the pan was ready and I put the steak on for 3 min and 30 seconds per side.  Watching the steak cook was the most delicious thing I’ve seen… in days!
Look at those grill lines!  Look at that fat!  Look at that tasty tasty flavor.  Mmmmm…
When the steak was done, I put it aside to rest, and cooked up the corn in the microwave.  (6 minutes in the Large Microcooker, with 2 teaspoons of water)
When everything was done, sliced, and tasted, I pulled out the now discontinued Trifle Bowl and decided to make a savory trifle.  For those of you who don’t know, generally trifles are layers of sweet yumminess piled one on top of the other.
When I finished piling all of these delicious ingredients nearly to the top, I pushed the top on and put it in to the fridge.  I’m not hungry yet – it’s not even noon!  But, this will be a delicious meal for today – and tomorrow… and probably the next!
Addition: Make some cornbread and eat it with the trifle.  The salty and sweet flavor profile is divine!
It’s not quite what I’m used to as Memorial Day fare, but it’s yummy and used what I had in the house – which is always a plus.  Maybe tonight I’ll make a dessert… I do have that new ice cream sandwich maker….

Savory Steak Trifle Recipe

1 London Broil

2 oz Auntie Arwen’s Royal Steak Rub
Yellow Rice
1 Bag Yellow Rice (16 oz)
2 cups Water
2 tablespoons Butter
Other Layers
1 Bag Frozen Corn (I would have used canned, but didn’t have it)
1 can Black Beans
Shredded Cheese
  1. Set 2 Cups of water on to boil and put 2 Tbs of butter into the water.  When water boils, put in yellow rice for 20 – 22 minutes.
  2. Heat the Grill Pan for five minutes
  3. Coat the steak in Auntie Arwen’s Royal Steak Rub (or a rub of your choice)
  4. Grill the steak for 3 min and 30 seconds per side for a one inch steak to come out medium well.  When done, put steak aside to rest
  5. Cook corn.
  6. Layer (from bottom up): Rice, Beans, Corn, Steak & Cheese.  Use half of the ingredients for the first layer grouping and the second half for the next.  Push ingredients towards the sides.

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